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How to lead works

Above is a youtube video of roofers devon s s roofing specialists Tyson Shelley showing exactly how to work with code 8 sheet lead.

Tyson Stephen shelley has been with the team for 15 years and it becoming one of the biggest names in the industry for quality of work and all round nice guy. not only does he carry out the works he also teach's and advises other contractors, he has been given full permission and we greatly encourage this, as we believe it will help raise the standard of roofing in Devon.

Lead roofing in devon is a dying art that many try but not many process to carry out with the quality at

Tyson Stephen shelley. we are proud to have him on our team. you will often find him in reading researching and continuously thriving for always looking to improve his techniques. the mentality of it can always be better is fast catching Tyson as being a leading name in his works .

If you want to contact Tyson direct for advice or simply to enquire about roofing works he can be found either by phoning us on the contact us page or message him on his private facebook page Tyson Stephen Shelley

There is also a roofing page that Tyson Shelley has set up to demonstrate his working style.

Above is example of a recently completed works carried out By our Lead roofing specialists here at

s s roofing specialists, the greatest thing is it is all in house and not subcontracted. he is fully employed by

This means every thing carried out is fully warrantied by s s roofing specialists Roofing & Leadwork

If you are wanting to carry out Roofing Lead works we fully recommend in following Tyson Shelley

we can be found on any of these searches also

If you have any questions regarding lead works please dont hesitate to contact us

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