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Cedar shingles Specialist installers 

Cedar shingles installed are an environmentally sound roofing product that we have much experience in installing across Devon & Somerset.

Cedar shingles maximise the yield from felled trees, using parts of the log that would be otherwise scrapped.  This renewable resource is the ideal roofing material for an eco-friendly house build.  Our cedar shingles are sourced from well managed forests in British Columbia and Canada, and most products are FSC or PEFC certified.

Cedar shingles give a very natural and aesthetically pleasing look to a building and are surprisingly durable, making for a long lasting roof covering.  Cedar is much more resistant to rot than other woods, and another interesting fact is that Cedar shingles have higher natural insulation properties than any roofing material currently available.

we have installed cedar shingles on new build properties as well as on restorations jobs.  Cedar shingles are particularly resistant to wind and storms, and as such are particularly suitable for coastal locations.

We only install cedar shingles that have been pre-treated, protecting the shingles from the elements, resulting in even less chance of mould or decay.  Cedar shingles require careful installation with airflow around them so they can breathe and dry after absorbing moisture.  As experts in our field, our installation work is performed carefully to avoid cupping and warping.

cedar shingles in tiverton devon
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cedar shingles in devon
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