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Lead Roofing Specialists Devon

Lead Specialists

It takes years of training, dedication and skill to learn this dying art and to understand how to manipulate the lead in the correct manner not to over stretch or weaken when forming and positioning the Lead.

Also with Lead welding that everything lines correctly and a strong weld is given every time. Time must be taken to prepare the Lead when welding and not rushed so the Lead and its welds can out last generations to come. 

Many claim to be able "to do Lead work" but its actually a small handful of people who can work with Lead correctly.

where as we have the skill and have been trusted and proven our work is a cut above the rest.

By doing various church roofs, Residential, dormer windows,Lead Gully's, Lead gutters Lead roofs, chimneys, Flashings, bay windows, Lead parapet wall's and decorative peaces.  

We have the experience, knowledge and the passion, so you can trust your getting the very best.


All work is guaranteed and fully insured. Contact us

ECO Friendly

Lead is one of the most eco friendly products on the market, nearly all lead now is made from recycled Lead, and once the old lead has out lasted its life it is then recycled and made back into lead ready to be used again.

If Lead is installed correctly it can last up to 200 years.

Being Lead specialists in Devon we are constantly working across Devon showing our skills in this dying art form. 

We always go that extra mile to ensure our Lead works out last generations to come. 

Personal touch

lead specialits in devon

Our Photos 

All of our photos are regularly  rotated with recent completed Lead works 

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