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Heritage Roofing work from S S roofing specialists  

You’ll find a wealth of historic listed buildings here in the South West and, of course, these buildings will always demand investment in maintenance and refurbishment. That’s where we come in. We have carried out heritage roofing work on numerous buildings over the years, under the watchful eye of organisations such as The National Trust, specialist heritage architects, local authority planning offices and private clients.


Our heritage roofing work plays a crucial role in the preservation of the local historic character of our towns and villages. We often consider this to be our proudest achievement.


All the members of our work force take particular pride when working on these buildings. Through every heritage roofing job, our team’s true skills and abilities shine and, in turn, are appreciated by the other trades people and professionals we work with.


Our experience working within the stringent criteria of the various organisations in this most traditional area of our industry means we can confidently offer the roof covering of heritage buildings and lead work packages as part of a wider scope of work.


Equally, we are able to work directly for the client in situations where heritage roofing work alone is required. We can also provide our own scaffolding and site foreman, and cover any health and safety needs. We have all the products and services required to manage our own projects, meaning you don’t have to.


Listed buildings include a variety of historic buildings from public buildings and churches to country houses, town dwellings and barn conversions. We have carried out heritage roofing works on all types of listed buildings over the years, and they have all benefited from the specialist work we’ve carried out.


We’re proud to play a part in maintaining the backbone of our country’s heritage, and we will continue to do so for many more years to come. Contact us

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