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Scaffolding Hire & Rental

Scaffold hire & Rental

Scaffolding with you in mind

Scaffolding is a must for both health and safety and to ensure work is

carried out correctly, it all starts with the platform you are working upon.

We have use of  3 different styles of scaffolding

We supply tube scaffolding services only for Hire. 


For a simple low level lean too roof  that is in need or re-roofing or general maintenance such as guttering, soffits, fascias etc. A small tower scaffold is perfectly adequate.

unless it is large scale works you wont want scaffolding blocking the view out the window when the tools have been laid down for the day!

So 9/10 it can be dismantled after each working day to ensure it isn't of any inconvenience to you, and either set it a side or we can take it of site.    




The Cuplock system, user friendly very fast to erect and dismantle perfect for a bungalow or general maintenance on a property it can also be used for much larger scale works.

But our preferred use is for low level bungalows that are in need of roofing work to ensure a safe working environment for the home owners and for our selfs when working upon the roof   



Tube scaffolding the popular method that you will see all over the country this is usually the preferred choice for nearly every situation from re-roofing, painting, building works on large residential, commercial, heritage & Listed and much more as it is very sturdy quick and effective to install even in the most awkward of places and with regular checks it wont move ensuring a very safe environment for the public and contractor. 

It's been used for access, stages, construction and so much more the use is endless for tube scaffolding. If you are in need of hiring scaffolding please don't hesitate to contact us.



We also offer roofing and Scaffolding packages to keep the planning and cost down to a minimum by the hiring of just one contractor.

our aim is to make the process as enjoyable & simple as possible for you.    



s s scaffolding Devon & somerset
s s scaffolding Devon & somerset
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