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C h i m n e y  r e p a i r s  &  R e b u i l d s 

Chimney repairs & rebuilding is a big part of what we do.

Any abutments on a roof is prone to being a problem area, from firewalls, ridges verges, Gable walls & Chimneys. with the constant battering from the wether in the winter winds and rain too having to expand and contract in the hot summers!

The chimney will show signs of wear:

*Leaking chimney

*Chimney cowels

*Cracked/missing render 

*saturated bricks

*missing mortar in the joints

*worn away flaunch on the top

*split bricks

*Lean on the chimney caused by the sun

*Missing or split Lead is also very common!

Lead Dpc tray s s roofing specialists

As scary as all this sounds its a problem that's very common that we deal with on a daily basis.

Our aim is to provide a service that causes as little disruption as possible to you, thats fast & efficient 

When we rebuild the chimney it is always rebuilt with 2 Lead DPC trays to ensure no water will ingress through into the property in the chimneys life time.

Ensuring a problem free area for life. 

Chimney removal 

Chimney removal is also an option if your chimney is no longer in use.

Its a simple process of removing the chimney below the roof and installing a new rafter into its place and simply Slating/Tiling or ridging  over the top. If done correctly the line of the roof will be followed and it will appear that there was never a chimney there. 

You may need permission before removing your chimney

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