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Is Replacing Your Roof a Good Investment? Explained.

With spring just around the corner, and hopefully some warmer weather, many people are thinking about home renovations and improvements, such as roof replacements. However, renovations do come with a cost and people naturally wonder whether replacing a roof is a good investment.

We’re here to say confidently that replacing your roof usually is a good investment and here’s why: Contact us

It protects the building from potential damp and damage

Roofers in Devon Explain: Your roof protects your house from the elements, but if your roof is damaged, deteriorating, or just nearing the end of its lifespan, it likely isn’t doing its job as well as it could be.

If your roof is allowing any water or damp into the property, it can do more damage than just getting your possessions wet; moisture causes rot which can result in structural damage which is dangerous and potentially very expensive to rectify.

It can add kerb appeal for selling the house

If you’re hoping to sell your house at some point, a new roof will add significant kerb appeal, while an outdated roof can quickly look even more so if the surrounding houses are more modern. Even if you don’t intend on putting the property on the market any time soon, you can still enjoy the kerb appeal yourself. Who doesn’t want their home to look better? It's important to maintain your property as explained by roofers in tiverton

A damaged roof could knock a lot off the selling price

Just as a new roof can increase the probability of selling your home, a damaged one can significantly reduce the selling price. Because of the importance of a functional roof for the home’s weather resistance and insulation, buyers will be reluctant to invest in a property if they are then going to have to spend more money on heating bills and putting the roof right.

It can improve the house’s energy efficiency and decrease bills

S S Roofing specialists roofers in Devon explain: The roof is your home’s main protection against heat loss, so a roof made from a good energy-efficient material will mean you will have to pay less in heating bills. If your roof is damaged or deteriorating in any way, it may be allowing heat to escape the property. Even if your roof is functional, it might not be the best material for insulating your home, especially if it isn’t suitable for the climate.

Upgrading your roof will give it a longer lifespan

All roofing materials have a lifespan. Even very hardy and durable roofs will still begin to deteriorate at some point and lose their effectiveness in retaining heat and protecting against bad weather. This means that, sooner or later, all roofs will need to be replaced. By replacing your roof now, you will give it a renewed lifespan as well as a reduced likelihood of needing to repair it any time soon.

We firmly believe that replacing your roof is a good investment for all the reasons stated above. In fact, not replacing your roof could cost more in the long run, if you continue to live with a roof that isn’t insulating your home, hiking the price of your energy bills, or is allowing water or moisture to get in the property and potentially causing expensive structural damage.

If you are looking to replace your roof or just want some advice on the current state of your roof, you are welcome to get in touch with us.



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