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What causes roof damage?

What Causes Roof Damage?

It can be disheartening when you have spent a long time choosing the perfect roofing material, only to notice that it has been damaged. But what causes roof damage, and how can you prevent it from happening?

There are many potential causes of roof damage, which we outline below.

1. Extreme weather such as strong winds and snow

One of the main causes of roof damage is inclement weather. Strong winds can cause roofing materials to come loose or detach altogether, and heavy snow or ice build-up can put a lot of extra stress on the roof that it is not designed to withstand.

While there is not a lot you can do to protect against extreme weather, you can have your roof professionally inspected to make sure it has been installed correctly and with the right materials for your climate. It is also worth at least checking the roof yourself after a period of extreme weather has finished to see if any repairs are needed.

2. Falling debris

As well as the weather itself, roof damage can be caused by falling debris, which might be a result of storms or strong winds. One of the most common types of debris to fall and cause damage to roofs are tree branches, usually from trees that overhang the property.

Not only are falling debris a risk, but these trees usually cast shade on your roof which creates the perfect conditions for moss growth. To prevent this, it is advised that you cut back any trees or foliage that overhang your roof.

3. Anything that causes your roof to take on moisture, such as moss and mould

Moisture is a common cause of roof damage. While your roof is expected to regularly tackle the rain, anything that prevents your roof from properly drying out after a downpour, such as overhanging trees, is also making your roof more vulnerable to damage.

When moss grows on a roof, it retains moisture and can cause the roofing materials around it to move, warp, or become damaged. This then creates the opportunity for water to ingress, causing a leak, so any moss should be removed and the area cleaned appropriately.

4. Leaks and water damage

Leaks from your roof can cause many problems inside your house, from water damage to walls, upholstery and possessions to potential structural damage and rot to the roofing structure itself. Leaks can occur when the roofing material is damaged or compromised, such as when tiles are missing or broken, or if the roof has been poorly installed.

Even if the leak doesn’t get into the property itself, if it gets under the roofing material it can still cause problems that may damage the material and make your roof more vulnerable to the elements.

5. Poor installation

It is important to get experienced professionals such as: - roofers in devon to install your roof, as poor installation can cause roof damage, such as materials coming loose or not being properly sealed against water.

This also goes for any repair work that your roof needs, as temporary fixes or those carried out by non-professionals can just lead to further problems down the line. The installation and maintenance of your roof are just as important as the material itself!

6. Age and deterioration

Unfortunately, even without any adverse weather conditions or direct damage, all roofing materials will eventually deteriorate. Each roof comes with its own expected lifespan, but they can exceed this if well maintained, or deteriorate much sooner if they are neglected.

If a roof is already near or past the end of its lifespan and it has started to deteriorate, a roof replacement is usually the best course of action.

There are quite a few potential causes of roof damage, but if you inspect your roof regularly and stay on top of routine maintenance, such as clearing the gutters of debris and removing any moss or mould growth, then you will be doing all you can to protect your roof.

If damage does occur to your roof, make sure you contact a professional, such as us here at SS Roofing, to carry out the repairs.


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