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s s roofing specialists a roofing specialist company based in the heart of Devon

What makes Devon so special? one word, HISTORY!

it's absolutely full of history and historic buildings, that are full of character. it's one of the places in the country that thrives upon it history and dramatic coast line.

But with these amazing features, comes a huge responsibility to ensure the building are looked after and treated with the up most respect.

Training is a must. skill passion and dedication and experience are more so important. with out these key factors, a beautiful building can be ruined within an instance.

We are always on the look out for passionate driven people to join our team, although its a highly skilled trade it needs to be taught to the next generation to insure the amazing history remains intact for further generations to come.

That's why we offer hands on training packages to join our extremely talented and skilled team to teach and help the next generations to progress and hopefully find that love in the trade they are doing.

Roofers in Devon based company s s roofing specialists are always open to helping the progression of restoration, simply contact us


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