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should i use my original roof tiles/slates

Should i use my original roof tiles/slates?

This option is possible in certain conditions. example in the video below. is a residential property that chose to have what is known as a "re-nail " Tyson stephen shelley Walks around the roof showing the works that what a roofers in devon has carried out. Tyson stephen shelley is also outr heritage roofing specialist

Not in all cases is re-using the tiles/ slates possible a full assessment is made to ensure this is possible. in some cases this is un known until the roof tiles/slates are removes.

follow our next blog to see the explanation on why tiles/slates can or cannot be used again.

our tiverton based roofers in tiverton will explain.

The most important thing to remember about a re-nail is. the tiles/slates are a different size to the new tiles/slates when purchasing new slates we by from slate scape ltd

which are distributed from travis perkins tiverton

As we are a trusted company all our roofs when using new natural slates is warrantied by slate scape for 50 years. helping giving the customer peace of mind. our roofers in North devon

And roofers in Devon have proven there skills along with the roofers in exeter

Our team is trained to the highest of quality, this is why we have a Job vacancy page for people who want to learn improve there skills with the possibility of joining our team.

Back to the video our roofer in devon taking us on a walk through of the "re-nail" residential roofing

Also showing the fabricated lead slates made by our Lead roofing specialists

The house happened to owned by a traditional plumber who worked with lead, after inspection he quoted "thats far better than what i could do"

Which made our Lead roofing specialist devon Rather happy after all this is what they do.

A random selection of photos added to show a little bit about out roofers in Devon roofers in

Not everything is straight forward especially when working upon grade one and two listed properties but the finish is extremely important.

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