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How to re-build a chimney stack

How to re-build a chimney stack explained by Roofers in Devon S S ROOFING SPECIALISTS

The Chimney works specialists

The video below made by a member of our Roofing & Leadwork specialists team showing another step in the re-building stage of the chimney stack, they have taken down 2 chimney's and rebuilding both with 2 x Lead DPC Trays per chimney.

In The video is Tyson Stephen Shelley & Paul ogilvy showing the next stage after the finial dpc tray is installed, and the setting out of the next courses to finish of these beautiful chimney's.

In this instance our team removed rebuilt the chimney stack in 4 days including making the lead dpc trays. the finial day was the Leadworks to finish of the process.

The team was due to stat a large flat roofing restoration but die to the the additional 2 weeks for the two chimneys. the restoration project got moved slightly due to the delay.

This is where our team shine, they pull together in the moments like this to avoid any unnecessary delays knocking forward to the next booked restoration.

s s roofing specialists have been carrying out Chimney works for 30 years with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of roofing.

Our roofing team cover areas all across Devon and north Cornwall such as

All of witch locations are covered by our team across the hole sector, no work is ever subbed out, all work is undertaken by our trained team with a minimum of 15 years experience and all extremely passionate about what they do.

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