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Why did my roof cost more than my neighbours

Why did my roof cost more than my neighbours?

Below explained by Trusted roofers in Mid devon

There could be lots and lots of reasons why every roof has a different price tag.

So lets start with the basics, lets assume the roofs look identical to your neighbouring roof and 2 different contractors carried out the works.

What could make one more expensive than the other?

A very simple fact. materials would be the greater difference in price. breathable membranes, battens, The Lead, The ridges, the fixings, the slates/tiles,

Lets start with the membrane: There are hundreds of different manufacturers and products on the market. ranging from £30.00 a role to £180.00 + a role, already a massive difference is occurring here.

There is a huge difference in performance life expectancy and quality.

Battens, again different grades quality and life expectancy ranging from 00.15p per meter to £1.00 + a meter

Fixings, if you are using slates then copper nails should be used against a galvanised nailed the price is scarily different and galvanised should not be used EVER!

Lead, One company is putting on the correct grade as recommended the LEAD SHEET ASSOCIATION the other is under grading .

What does all this mean? it comes down to "getting what you pay for" if you want a roof that is going to out live you trouble free then paying that extra will be a must to get the best materials.

Some cases it maybe the case that your roof isn't the same as the neighbours at all and additional work is required. for example the video below. show 2 members of our roofers in Devon s s roofing specialists team showing what its like stripping of spray foam.

This is Tyson Shelley and Paul from S S Roofing Specialists removing what is known as spray foam or spray insulation as you can see a very slow time consuming process. not only was the slates battens removed then the insulation was completely cleaned from the rafters and removed from loft space producing on the property 24x1 tone dumpy bags all disposed of into skips.

A more costly process for our Roofers in devon to carry out in roofer tiverton

Then we come to the slates, again lots and lots of different quality and life expectancy and warranties from as little as 0.50p each to £10.00 + each

Its always important if comparing to compare on like for like basis and read through it all. in the long run sometimes its better to pay that little be extra for that extra warranty & true skilled craftsman.

If you would like a quote from our skilled craftsman please don't hesitate to contact us

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