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10 Tips to finding a good contractor

These tips are based upon our experience alone

Tip 1:

The approach

Two types we would personally avoid are the guys in the beat up van or known as "1 man band" with either none or shody graphics on the van. This is basics of running a good healthy business if the van's stickers are worn out and the van looks abused it talks volumes about someone's character.

Tip 2:

Again the opposite applies if someone has turned up in an un written car or dressed in a suit, uno this guy hasn't been working in the trade and is more than likely "the sales man and will do anything to get that sale as they call it".

Tip 3:

The approach is everything! a nicely dressed well presented friendly person that is instantly ready to step into any questions that you have. and answers them straight to the point "not avoiding them"

Roofers in Devon S S ROOF SPECIALISTS are well known not only for there excellent craftsmanship but there honesty and direct approach.

Tip 4:

Always check references, word of mouth reputation, if the contractor is as good or well known as they claim then it shouldn't be hard to find information about them. visit previous customers of the contractor to get the back ground of them. if a customer is completely happy they will want to help the contractor in anyway so they will be more than happy to provide a reference .

Tip 5:

use local or not local?

this is a tricky one. although its a little harder to get information from a contractor that is based further away due to travel. you can still see previous customers they have worked for.

We believe it really doesn't matter if the company if local or has to travel, when working upon your home of project its just best to get the best contractors for the job whether they have to travel or local.

remember "local isn't always best"

Tip 6:


ask as many questions as possible!

if the company you are using are as honest and open as they claim they will answer any question. But don't ask personal things" kids etc those are out of bounds questions"

It doesn't matter what time of day or night you have a question, pop it in the email and send it through. it will show the commitment and honesty of the contractor. if they start ignoring you then you know this guy isn't right.

if he responds every time "unless on holiday " you know this company will always be there for you.

Tip 7:

Although confirmation forms are becoming a must now for contractors as it helps them know what work is lined up.

If a contractor is phoning you every day after sending through and estimate to get confirmation they are usually out of work, and if they are out work "alarm bells" why are they out of work?

Tip 8:

social media search these guys as individuals, for example Tyson Stephen Shelley Fb from


Go as far as to add as a friend and see what there personality are like through social media.

you will be surprised what you can learn from someones social media page.

Tip 9:

Are they a caring genuine person or do they just care about your wallet... You are paying for a service, so you will be spending money.

But do they genuinely care about you and want to give you the very best?

a little trick for you to try:

you need a new roof there is no two ways about it, now its time to ask your questions.

Can i just patch it up?

Is there any cheap materials i can get away with?

I don't have to worry about the neighbouring joining roof do i, just bodge it?

Can i only put one nail in a tile?

to save money can i take to rubbish and dump it?

if you are getting a yes from these questions, show them the door!!

Tip 10:

Roofing is not cheap, there is nothing cheap about it. from the scaffolding to the work and materials.

everything has to go up and down.

but selecting a true and professional contractor is hard.

do your research don't be had by a salesman or the local bully.

If you have a problem with your roof, the contractor will show you either by photo's or if possible from the loft to confirm everything they are saying.

remember it is the contractors duty to prove to you not you prove to them.

Little video of our roofing specialist after a day on the road. in Mid Devon

Trusted and proven family run independent roofing specialists

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