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Tile roofing - Roofers Devon

Tile roofing is much like slate roofing is a specialist trade s s roofing specialists have been carrying out the day to day roofing repairs and replacements for over 30 years..

the secrets to becoming a good craftsman in working with tiles is when removing a roof. as the tell tell signs of the failing roof can be picked up and corrected to ensure a lasting tile roof.

One of the most important parts of a correctly installed tile roof is the gauging of the roof to ensure a full tile at the bottom and top and a full tile and half tile on the verges no matter what the verge system is being used.

An example of this is in a photos of a residential property recently completed In the photos of

There are a lot of different shapes and designs of tiles and they are really versatile to use. if used correctly the results speak for them selfs.

The aim with a tiles roof as with all roofs is to make it flow and give the appearance of seamlessness.

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Have carried out all shaped all designs of tile roofing across devon and somerset,

Including heritage roofing works, working with traditional clay plain tiles

Being leading craftsman in the industry we also in house train to our team to ensure they are always up to date with the new rules and regulations to ensure you are getting exactly the right works.

When carrying out tile roofing works, what is the best weather?

It doesn't really matter for as long as its not raining when removing the tiles and the roof is felt and battened back in. Your back int eh dry and it can take place for the rainy season.

If the weather is really bad then the Lead roofing team prefabricate lead works that are required for the work in progress.

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