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How to roof correctly

How to roof correctly explained by roofers in Devon

The most important part of roofing is the finish the detailing and the finial touch's.

This is what sets s s roofing specialists above the anyone else.

We often get phone calls saying: please help my roof is leaking and iv had all the big companies out to try and sort this issue and failed, iv stumbled across your website and seen the work you've done i really need your help.

our roof inspector will turn up and within 30 mins he will have found the problem and the solution, to the shock of the homes owner to say we have had 5-6 contractors come out and not find that. our simple answer is. we are not contractors we are craftsman.

Being craftsman gives us the edge as we know what it takes and how roofs work. working upon heritage roofing all of 30 years we have seen all the mistakes first hand that was made by the original installers meaning we can make the roof last 100-200 years trouble free, just by finishing the roof slightly differently.

i'm not taking any credit away from the original installers here those gentle man/ woman are an inspiration to us with some slate roofs achieving 200-300 years with general repairs

the same life span with lead works.

this is why we get so frustrated with the standard of work that so many contractors produce that is having to be re-done-repaired or completely gutted.

We beg you please take some pride in your work. its not what you can get away with!! it should be how can i give a little more to put my name in the history books as the best craftsman/woman.


Where are we based? well we are based in a beautiful locating in Devon call Tiverton.if you search

roofers tiverton our location will be near to what pops up on goole maps.

We spend a lot of time traveling up and down. from roofers in somerset to roofers in north devon

Our work from residential roofing to heritage roofing devon

It takes us up and down the south west and mid devon roofers

We have a dedicated lead roofing specialist

That carries out all the lead work requirement that our company requires, a true through and through craftsman that loves what he does. & it shows when he works.

based in devon our lead roofing devon specialist has been with us for 10 years the scale of works is carried out. has seen him traveling through to roofers in north devon - roofers somerset - roofers exeter -

Please visit our website for our list of services we can provide you.

Real craftsman passionate about what we do.

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