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A very simple question that is often asked by the next generation and home owners alike that want to know how to slate a roof.

Firstly its something that takes years to learn correctly. a lot of have a go and see what happens people are out there, and this is when serious troubles can occur with structural timbers becoming wet and rotting. water flooding into the properties electrics causing a fire.

The list is endless to the problems that a leaking roof can cause, so its always best to use a professional company or at least get some general advise of do's and don'ts.

s s roofing specialists Cover a large area but all works is carried out by the same team. we do not sub contract our roofing - Lead roofing - chimney works - fascia soffits or guttering works at any point.

Contact us to speak to real craftsman that have a passion for the love of all things roofing

Below is a video of one of our slating and Lead roofing specialists Tyson Shelley

Below is photos of the before and after of this restoration, bringing the property back to its former glory.

An amazing transformation carried out by the team at s s roofing specialists 99.1% of the tar was removed upon the restoration by our slate roofing & Lead roofing team

This particular restoration was carried out in roofers in tiverton

How did we achieve such a massive difference.

Well we interviewed Tyson our roofing & Lead work specialist

SSRS - Hi Tyson Stephen shelley how did you find the removal of the tar.

Tyson Stephen Shelley - extremely difficult! the tar removal was difficult as it was a relatively newly laid system which made it very difficult. but we planned the restoration in when the weather was just right to remove tar.

If we hadn't planned it so well i don't think we would of got it off in the time frame we allowed.

The real horrible part is the tar can hide so many hidden problems big bumps and twists in the roof.

On the smaller lower roof was a really sharp bend at the end hidden under the tar.

Also we had a horrible twist and bend on the hip which we had to pack to make it slate able, all the twists where checked by building control and signed off so we new they where structurally sound. it was just the case of taking the bump out and carrying on.

SSRS - Well Tyson we would like to thank you for working upon this restoration you truly have a talent and a passion for what you do.

Where does our team travel to? well

The company is based upon the hunt for the most beautiful restoration projects to be apart of, and this stems from the passion of craftsmanship that runs through the blood of us all here at s s roofing specialists.

yes ok it has to pay the bills. but thats not what we think about in the morning.

The constant thought of i really hope we get the opportunity to work on the most historic buildings in England and put our craftsmanship to show the world. for 100s of years to come.

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