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How to get materials onto a roof safely

How to get roofing materials on to a roof safely.

So how do you get all those materials up and down and down and up?

Well a few simple options can be used, being in the trade is becoming more and more complicated with now not being aloud to carry materials up a ladder as 3 points of the body must always be in contact with the ladder.

In the video above is roofing & Lead roofing specialists Tyson Stephen Shelley & Paul ogilvy demonstrating how they loaded up 3000 slates from ground to roof .

This option for our roofers Devon is the fastest safest and most economical for both speed of work and ease of use.

Our roofers in devon & roofers in north devon have been using this system of material transferring for the last 10 years

Also our roofers devon use a pulley and wheel system photo below

Our roofers in North devon - heritage roofers also favour the pulley wheel system due to a lot of heritage and listed properties being on top of each other the conveyer belt system is un-practical but all systems have there flaws and the use of ladder and shoulder will always be required at some point due to awkward shapes of materials and space for a pulling system.

There is also an electric hoist option so now man power required to transfer materials to the top photo below

This system is used for heavy duty lifting such as roles of lead where using man power would be dangerous for both health and public safety.

Our Lead roofing specialists & Heritage roofing specialists favour this method due to the materials being heavy.

In these scenarios its an excellent peace of equipment that saves both body and safety for everyone involved.

Not only do hoisting equipment help in a great part of safety its also a far faster process for the work force to be using.

On average it would take 2 men a best part of a full day to load 3000 slates up and down a ladder. Nothing else will be carried out other than loading and its extremely taxing on the body .

Using a conveyor belt system takes half a day to load 3000 slates and the team is fresh healthy and the body is far fitter meaning we are free to carry on with our working day with out being exhausted.

s s roofing specialists carry out works all across the country

to see where our team travel search these links

Or simply contact us

Being established for 30 years we have started with traditional methods of carrying materials and loading on the ladder, its a method of work that should be taught to all involved to understand the grit and determination it took to load a roof.

When Tyson Stephen Shelley started everything was transferring but the traditional method of loading via ladder was used 99% of the time.

We used to spend 2 days solid loading from the from the ground of 20 slates at a time on your shoulder right to the top of the roof on a 2-3 storey building. some cases 4-5 storey buildings all day. 8 hour days.

can you imagine doing that?

Our team that have the passion for the work they do feel sometimes its necessary to do everything traditionally as some buildings deserve to have that 100% traditional method of working. the name of true quality of craftsmanship.

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