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Slate battening and hole gauges.

What are gauges and headlap on a slate a roof?

Its very simple bellow is our slate specialist and lead roofing specialist Tyson Stephen Shelley " roofers in devon explaining all about what a headlap is and a gauge is

In this Photo is basically all the information you need to know. it states exactly what is what. and it matches with the chart above to help provide the information required for gauging a roof.

It all sounds rather simple. and thats because it is.

Once you get the gist of it everything becomes far clearer. our roofers in devon roofers in north devon

Have been carry out such works for 30 years. and all trained in house.

have a reputation of flawless craftsmanship on every project and a wealth of knowledge They cover areas such as roofers in Exeter That have been carrying out works al across exeter for 30 years.

s s roofing specialists is based in Roofers in tiverton and cover vast area as there passion for the next special project is never far from there minds always pinning for that something special. that challenge .

Enough about what we do and what our roofers in devon do back to what is a slate gauge.

Its very simple follow whats in the chart above and link it with the photo below and that all the info you need.

Or follow this link to direct you to our contact us page and talk to us about you needs

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