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Fascia soffits and guttering

In the video above is a simple walk around of Fascia and soffit works fully underway with a member of our team. Tyson Stephen Shelley

This particular example is the roofers in devon installing white upvc plastic capping board hollow soffit board with all the trimmings joiner corners etc

They guys started upon the roof with the task of removing all of the rotten fascia boards end rafters barge boards and starting from scratch. so our roofers in devon made great progress. how long does this kind of works take?

it ranges depending on the size of the property and the product used. but in this care on a bungalow plastics works including stripping should take 3 days maybe a little more depending on the bungalow size. and the extent of the timer work required.

In this case our roofers in devon carried out the stripping and timber works and all plastics in 3 days

Our roofer in north devon carried out the works on a smaller property in 2 days

But when the roofers in mid devon Carried out the same works in woolacombe bay it took 4 days because the property was at such a height.

All these factors come into a massive play when carrying out any works, If a roof in devon Is at 15 meter high its going to take far longer than a bungalow that is at 2.5 meters high.

Also the skill plays a massive part in all works as to the pace and experience of the team our

Heritage roofing in devon team would be far more efficient in tradition fascia and soffits then the

roofers in north devon because they have been trained in different practices to suit there trade.

Have been trained the residential side in Exeter as this is the field that suits them best. its all about the right team for the right job.

We have a wealth in knowledge across the hole of devon somerset and torbay

if you require and services contact us here at s s roofing specialists

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