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Roofers in Devon

How to find a trusted roofing company?

Firstly you'll need to find a company google is great for that or word of mouth is just as good, but a couple things to remember on word of mouth recommendations. The person that has recommended this particular company.

What are the basing this opinion on? is it a member of family perhaps? but with out knowing what there work is actually like, but just doing there bit for the family.......

This could end badly.

So we always recommend on making your own decision ask about look about have a think. what company can offer you what you are looking for. s s roofing specialists Is the perfect example. they have been running for 30 years worked on beautiful projects up and down the coast. a company based on its passion of craftsmanship. These guys are based in Devon search roofers in Devon

These Guys will pop up with a great star rating with excellent reviews written about them.

Does it matter if they have to travel to your location? Not at all as long as they are happy to travel to the project in hand it makes no difference. s s roofing specialists are based in Roofers in Tiverton For 30 years and only recently ventured to the world of internet. helping customers find them with ease.

What Hours do companies work for roofing in Devon?

s s roofing specialists hours start at 7:30 am and close at 9:30 pm but are available 24 hours for emergency works. Thats because they are not a corporate company, They are sole traders meaning they love to help.

What is the waiting list for a roofers in mid Devon Every company is different some booked for a week or two others month in advance. s s roofing specialists are booked 4-6 months at any one time. but they plan there work so they can carry out emergency works in between ensuring everyone that contacts them is helped.

Not only does this roofer in Devon cover the Devon area they also cover roofers in Somerset and torbay.

Its the same team and company! nothing is subbed out.

They refuse to expand as they want to ensure the work is 100% every time so they can provide the life time warranties.

Next time selecting a roofer think about what they are all about. is it the money or is it the passion.

Passionate people about what they do. this is Tyson Stephen Shelley AKA "SLATE ROOFING MASTER"

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