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The importance of Heritage roof conservation

The Importance of Heritage Roof Conservation

As Devon roofing contractors, we get to experience and work on some of the most specular buildings around. There are so many fantastic heritage buildings in the Southwest of England and they all help contribute to the unique character of this beautiful part of the country. Listed buildings, such as many churches, public buildings, and country houses are buildings with historic value, and are protected by law from having their character altered in any way by the interference of amendments or repair work that doesn’t adhere to the traditional techniques used to construct the building. Buildings such as Powderham Castle and Buckfast Abbey, are just as important as the scenic coastlines and tours of Dartmoor in creating the beauty of Devon. Contractors realise this, which is why they spend so much time learning how to restore historic roofs. As the first point of contact for extreme weather, a properly maintained roof is key to preserving the life of these buildings for years to come.

Heritage buildings deserve to be looked after because they can tell us so much about the history of our region. The Southwest boasts a wealth of beautiful heritage sites and historic buildings, that are still in functional use thanks to careful and respectful conservation in Devon. Contractors’ hard work means that we can visit National Trust sites such as Branscombe Forge, the oldest working forge in the country, and Clyston Mill, a restored historic watermill and still fully functional. The Exeter Guildhall is the oldest municipal building still in use in the country, and St Nicholas Priory is a medieval priory building that was converted into a Tudor townhouse which still boasts 15th Century timber roofs. As well as being beautiful to look at, we can learn so much about our past from the construction of these buildings. History comes alive in sites such as these, which is why it is so important that we continue to support conservation efforts that breathe new life into historic Devon.

Roofers in Devon Contractors who are professionally trained in heritage work, like us here at

s s roofing specialists, are thankfully able to maintain buildings such as these. It is not economically viable to construct buildings in the way they used to be; we need to look after the ones we have. The roof of any building takes the bulk of the stress from constantly changing weather conditions, and these treasured buildings that have been around for hundreds of years are especially susceptible to damage. Repairing a heritage roof with modern techniques and materials isn’t enough, however. The aesthetics of the roof must be matched for visual continuity, as all the elements of a heritage building contribute to its enduring character. Work carried out using incompatible materials will only damage the existing roof further. The practice of maintenance and conservation is essential to prevent the need for any major repairs. However, understanding the processes that cause deterioration, and how different historic materials react to weathering is essential to be able to restore heritage roofs should serious damage occur. This is why work should only be carried out by trained, experienced professionals such as s s roofing specialists that Cover areas such as roofers in North devon

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