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Rules for chimney rebuilding

What are the rules for chimney building?

Fist of all the most important thing to remember when rebuilding a chimney stack is the base must be solid!

The next most important fact is it must be built with 2 DPC LEAD TRAYS!

The importance of the lead dpc tray is that with out it your chimney is not water proof and WILL FAIL!!

In the video above is a member of the S S ROOFING SPECIALISTS showing the importance of the the lead dpc tray, these items must be made by professional Leadworkers in Devon after all this part is what keeps the water out and from going through the chimney. The position of the trays is vital! if installed in the wrong place or wrong manner they are useless and in fact can cause problems.

The lead dpc trays are hand fabricated by our lead roofing specialist That works along side our roofers in Devon team

Chimney repairs and maintenance is a vital part of roofing works and runs hand in hand, so its important to have a roofing specialist that can do all the work they are saying they can do and is not subbed out, as this is when things get expensive.

So in the video above is the next stage setting out the cause of brick upon the lead tray, now its important to mention that the lead tray is bedded on a bed of mortar not placed directly to the bricks. the reason is. the

lead roofing specialists needs to install a cover section of lead under the tray.

Ensure the course that is laid on to the lead tray is again a broken bond like the rest of the chimney, keeping the strength of the chimney.

When tying a chimney to the internal courses the correct ties should be use. ensure they meet the regulations of of strength and high requirements.

Although its not necessary to tie every course it maybe your preference to to. but every other course should be tied in at at the very least.

s s roofing specialists cover a vast area such as:

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