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why is my roof leaking?

Why is my roof leaking is the most common question we get asked.

There is never a simple reason as to why your roof is leaking, it takes a true professional to be able to find the fault correctly to ensure it never causes trouble again.

Below is a video of Tyson Shelley one of our roofer in Devon - roofing specialists dismantling a much needed chimney re-build.

In the video team leader of s s roofing specialists Is showing how easy it is to dismantle this chimney and is in much need of chimney repair

The reason for the chimney to be removed is the signs it showed in side the property, it had brown and white salt marks inside the property, which is the sign the bricks have become saturated and soaking up the water rather than rejecting it.

so our team roofers in devon have started the process of removing and rebuilding this chimney to its former glory. The team have also been working in roofers north devon

which they have had to remove a chimney causing the same issue.

chimney rebuilding is something the team carry out on a regular basis, its not what is classed as a big job. it more along the lines of general maintenance.

Once a chimney is letting in water its best to act fast! the chimney is letting you know it needs attention.

if you are having a roofing problems please don't hesitate to contact us

tiverton based roofing specialists roofers in tiverton

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