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What to put on my shed roof

What should i put on my shed roof?

Well there are loads and loads of options when coming to shed roofs. the main choice seems to be shed felt the cheapest and lasts about 6 months if you are lucky!

The you have the torch on system 3 layers of felt final layer is a torch on mineral, this option is becoming more common as it will out last the roof with a 20 year warranty on the product.

Then you have the options of cedar shingles, felt shingles both light weight although highly expensive in the process, but in the world of roofing you get what you pay for.

Another option is grp fibre glass, a seamless system it will make your roof look highly shiny by there are a lot of colour options today, so you could go to the extreme of having a coloured roof im sure it's been done before!

The you come to the high end quality of the market and you are truly getting the very best storage units.

These units are beautiful elegant and timeless peaces of art! they are not just sheds!! these are an accessory to your home with true class!

Below is Tyson Shelley our roofer in Devon showing The lead roof he has recently completed upon this beautiful storage unit for the Handmade Garden storage company

Below is a photo of the completed unit! yep it looks stunning. Our Slating & Leadwork specialist completed the lead roof all ready for the Handmade Garden storage company to complete to the unit.

S S Roofing specialists have been working along side this company for over a year now producing beautiful work together.

So in this case we would highly recommend using a Lead roof finish, but don't take our word for it. why not call The Handmade storage company and check out there products for your storage needs.

For you Roofing & Leadwork needs please don't hesitate to contact us As we have been roofing in Devon for 30 years and we hand select and train our team before they are able to attend sites to carry out works while being fully supervised.

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