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Roofer or Roofing specialists

Roofer or Roofing specialists

What is the difference between roofers and roofing specialists

Its very simple here are the basics

Roofers are people that are hired by a large company, either by a person looking into wanting to pass through and use roofing as a stepping stone. or young people looking for apprenticeships.

There are very few roofing specialists many companies claim to be roofing specialists, but as this is not regulated contractors can get away with calling them self specialists with out being fully skilled.

The same factor always comes into play when hiring someone. ask around have you heard of that particular company? what work have they done? are they good.

you response will either be

"ah yeah thats my mates mate" with out mention of quality of work. avoid! you will be having the work re-done by a specialist company and it will cost more. Because bad workmanship is costly to correct.

Or you may get "yeah these guys are great but a bit pricey but work is excellent"

Now this "pricey phrase in the trade is what is classed as getting what you pay for.

If a company is cheaper what have they missed what corners are they cutting? what have they forgotten? possibility of secret charges!

Specialists "True specialists" pride them selfs on craftsmanship and will turn away work if they can not do it correctly. They will not ruin there name to gain a money. There pride is in there work and knowing that the roof will never need to be touched again after they have completed it.

Roofes in Devon S S Roofing Specialists have been covering Devon & Somerset for 30 years with a flawless reputation. Regular updates on there Face book page

A little vide below shows our Slate & Leadwork specialist Tyson Shelley

True roofing specialists will show demonstrate and explain every part of the works you wish to carry out not leaving out vital information.

They will want you to feel relaxed and be sure that you are getting exactly what you want, And they will deliver on exceptional Craftsmanship.

They will be happy to take you to other sites they have recently completed or give you addresses for you to view.

S S Roofing specialists Have been covering Mid Devon roofers for 30 years along with

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