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What are the Vital parts of Roofing.

What are the vital parts of Roofing?

There is only one answer!! and that is to do the work correctly, in some cases you have to use a different finish to complete the works. This can be for several reasons, The neighbouring roof wont let you join in or follow there line.

Or simply in this case they didn't want something cut and re-installed due to having the works completed before we got there. "wrong order i know" but you have to adapt to situations like this and think out side the box.

We believe that is what makes a true craftsman , Someone who can over come anything and still produce the very best workmanship. in The video below is Tyson Shelley "our slate & Lead work specialist Showing how he overcome a very complicated finishing process of sealing around a finial. "it looks excellent"

There is also the basic practice of getting the job done right first of all, the finishing process is just as important. This is where a lot of people get the attitude of "That'll do" and that phrase is unacceptable. everything has to be on point right until the very end that included when the scaffolding is removed and the final cleaning up process begins.

Below is a After & Before photo to show the difference in standards of our work before was completed 10 years ago after is our work.

After: Works carried out by S S ROOFING SPECIALISTS

Before: works carried out by a contractor 10 years ago

As you can see by the two photos, the fist photo is not acceptable workmanship, it allowed water to seap in behind from the moment it was installed. sealant and exposed nails is "NOT AN ACCEPTABLE FINISH"

Being roofers in Devon For 30 years we have we have to sort failing work constantly, the phrase cheap isn't always best comes into play with difficult works. The finish is everything!

for a company that is based upon true craftsmanship visit

The video below shows Tyson Shelley talking about the finish of the finial below.

Excellent video Tyson, Thank you for continuously helping us with your exception workmanship. We believe that Tyson is going to take the roofing industries by storm with his craftsmanship.

This work was carries out Roofers in north Devon.

Being roofers in Devon we cover areas across Devon & Somerset

Such as:

and the hole of roofers in Mid Devon

We have cover all these areas and surrounding areas for 30 years being labeled TRUE CRAFTSMAN & THE CREAM OF THE CROP.

Being labeled these thing makes us extremely proud to be doing what we are doing. it also ensures our future along with a company that has been know and is continuously hunted for special projects.

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