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Whats the best roof materials

What is the best slate materials

First: the first thing that comes to mind when asked this question is always Natural slate "high quality natural slates"


Being roofers in Devon Because they have proven the test of time, lasting hundred plus years which is amazing. the only thing that has lasted as long and longer is lead roofing, which has been know to last 200 years when installed correctly.


That would lead me to the second material, although this option would be highly expensive its not always practical. but it is the longest lasting material Lead Roofing, so this would be our second choice.

Third choice would then be clay plain tiles:

Again a product that has proven the test of time, clay is an amazing resource that has many uses than just one.

We all know it can be used pots cups etc, but the plain tile is also used for window seals giving that additional personal touch to ones home.

But our last choice would be having a flat roof. although they can last up to 30 years and a little over. it always seems to bring fear to home owners and insurance companies.

We have laid flat roofs from the moment the company was established and never had a problem in the 30 years of installing them. There are lots of different systems to be installed, we will cover that in our next blog explaining what we have used what we like and don't like.

Being roofers in Devon for the last 30 years has been a pleasure and we have seen and worked upon al styles of roofs.

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