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How to Cut roof slates

Below is a short video of a member of our team taking the Devon roofing world by storm with his Slate roofing & Lead working skills

Tyson has been with our team for 15 years and we are proud to have him in our team along with all our team that we often greatly praise and talk about.

But in this instance it is Tyson Shelley Showing how to cut the beautiful natural slates in this fantastic restoration in Tiverton Devon.

So what exactly is Tyson doing in the video Let this Roofer in Devon show you?

Its the perfect example of how to hand dress slates into a unique shape. In this case the shape is what is known as is a fish scale.

Firstly never try this at home it is extremely dangerous unless trained by a professional on how to handle the tools correctly.

The first tool is what is known as a slate steak, this item get driven into a plank

The second tool is known as a slaters hammer

There are a wide variety of different shapes and designs of hammers for al sorts of works.

The most important of all, someone who loves what they are doing and taking the time to lean how to use the equipment correctly.

Roofing is a art, its not just the case of pulling of the old coverings and throwing on new.

To make that roof last a lifetime it has to be treated with respect and every possibility assessed and over come with true craftsmanship.

Back to cutting the fish scales:

The slates have been marked the roof has been gauged to allow for the slate to be cut.

then all to do is cut the roof slate.

we encourage you to watch the video as learning via visual is far greater.

slowly chipping away at the slate to the desired shape using the slaters steak as just a resting edge for the slate.

The slate hammer is doing all the work there is now force being pushed on to the slate other then the weight of the hammer. To much pressure the slate will chip of in the wrong direction to little a risk of fragments happening further up the slate.

Roofers in Devon showing how decorative slates are cut.

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