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Guttering replacement & Repairs

Guttering replacement & repairs roofers Devon explain below is a short video of Tyson Shelley walking around the property showing some of the issues that can happen with guttering over time.

firstly lets start with the types of guttering. There are lots of different choices on the market now ranging from plastic - cast iron - copper - replica's - big & small there is guttering to suit all requirements.

At what point do you need to start taking action? s s roofing specialists explain

The answer is simple, if its causing a problem then action is required now! the thing a lot of people fail to realise is that when your guttering is showing signs of problems then the first action ah it'll be alright its only guttering. Well well well! guttering is very important indeed! leaking guttering will cause the patch under the leak to wear away causing an additional issues to solve later on. a continues blocked gutter will cause the fascia boards to rot meaning more problems in the long run.

Incorrectly installed guttering will cause stress on the guttering in the snow and hard winters causing failure and even making the guttering fall of completely. A huge risk of public safety and of course the family's walking underneath.

Take action sooner rather than later when it comes to guttering issues.

At what point do i need to start thinking about replacement?

If your guttering has leaking joints

Guttering is worked away from the fascia board

Holding a lot of water

Water is over spilling continuously

These are all basic signs of the guttering failing, now plastic guttering expands and contracts a vast amount through the day. That snicking noise you hear when walking around your property. well yep you guessed it, thats the guttering moving back and forth. overt time as we all know plastic shrinks and becomes brittle.

Cast iron guttering also known as heritage guttering, it takes a true heritage roofing specialist to carry out these works two basic points of concern when failing. The joints will leak or you will see it creating a gap from the fascia board!. This is because the fixings have rusted off and the guttering is now on it way to the ground below. Act fast on either of the issues! as once you have noticed it's usually being happening a while.

But cast iron guttering can be saved and re-used if the internal is in good health and no cracking has occurred.

Roofer in Devon s s roofing specialists Have been carrying out these works for 30 years, as you can imagine we have seen al sorts of crazy near misses,

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When carrying out any works all works must be disposed of correctly. wellington waste has been supplying our skips for over 15 years so you can be sure everything is disposed or correctly!

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