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How to re-roof my own roof?

Firstly we would advise reading this before making the plunge to carry out your own re-roofing works to help determine the best result for your selfs.

Firstly there are lots and lots off different roof designs rules and regulations to follow so ensure you have all of this in place before starting because this can be the difference between a dry and happy home. To a very wet and miserable place to live.

Hiring in a roofing contractor - roofer - roofing specialists is going to cost you more money than carrying out the works then yourself. reason being your paying some one to do the work. obviously right?

Well not exactly! lets say you carry out the roofing works. it leaks and the job you thought you where doing was completely wrong and has caused a lot more work to sort the issue out. More expensive in the long run as you have to pay for materials-scaffolding-skips twice. NOT GOOD!!

If you have experience and are capable then this works will be a doddle and easy for you to carry out, money saved!!

No experience and having a go equals a lot more money

Hiring a roofing specialist means no work will have to be carried out again in your lifetime, this equals money saved and a good result.

when choosing a contractor, as we know there are so many bad and a small minority that are good and even smaller that are true craftsman

Well that is based upon the works you wish to have carried out the good will give you a 10 year warranty the craftsman will give you a lifetime warranty.

s s roofing specialists have given warranties up to 100 years! yep thats correct 100 years problem free

that because the roofers in devon Have been carrying out roofing works from some of the most awkwardly frustrating to angles twists and bends to your regular stand properties for 30 years.

The knowledge these roofers in devon Have built up has been passed on to the next generation to ensure the true nature of s s roofing specialists Stays true to it heart quality of work is first before anything!

Updated works is regularly posted to facebook

Upon there business page Along with photos videos weekly.

Video below is a member of s s roofing specialists showing fellow roofing contractors how to mark/cut the valley correctly. craftsmanship shouldn't end with one specialist company. we want help improve others to ensure home owners are getting what they deserve.

We offer training simply contact us

We will be more than happy to help where possible. roofing needs or advice.

Also lead roofing is one of our main specialists subjects

if we can help you please contact us and we will be very happy to help as our roofers in devon

Pride them selfs on quality.

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