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emergency roof repairs

How We Handle Emergency Roof Repairs

Significant roof damage can be extremely distressing, and if the interior of the property is exposed to the elements then more significant structural damage is possible, as well as potential destruction of personal items if they are kept in the vicinity of the leak. Often, people will worry that the damage will not be able to be attended to quickly enough and may even begin to try and safeguard the property or plug the leak with a homemade, temporary solution. At SS Roofing, all our work is carried out by dedicated, professional roofers Tiverton, our base, is a beautiful part of the country, but not impervious to some severe weather, which can cause significant property damage. We understand the concerns and uncertainty that come with having serious roof damage, as well as the importance of swift action, which is why we have a dedicated on-call team ready to answer your calls, and one of our professionals will be at the property within 24 hours to begin the repair. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with a range of emergency roof repairs, so rest assured that you are in good hands.

When our repair team arrives, they will ask you to show them where the water has begun to ingress into the property. Using that information they will get to work to quickly locate the entry point of the leak on the exterior of the building. Our team will also survey the area to identify any problems that may cause further damage and advise any necessary action to prevent it. Once the exterior damage has been located, a plan will be put together to address the issue, and then discussed with you to ensure your awareness of what will need doing to resolve the problem area before further action is taken.

As the best roofers Tiverton has to offer, we pride ourselves on customer service, which is why we aim to keep you informed and at ease during the entire process. From your initial phone call and meeting our repair team, we’ll put together a clear and effective plan to get your property safe and secure as quickly as possible. Our team of dedicated, specialised professionals will make sure that the damage is not simply given a quick fix but repaired in such a way that the roof is strong enough to be resistant towards sources of potential damage in the future. This allows you to rest easily, knowing that you are in the hands of highly trained, professional roofers.

Tiverton is our home, but we carry out emergency roof repairs all across Devon, Cornwall, and the Southwest. We carry out emergency repairs on all types of roofs, from slates and tiles to structural damage, chimneys and Velux windows. For the full list of emergency repairs we can carry out, please visit If you think you may have a roof problem that requires emergency attention, please don’t hesitate to give us a cal or visit our website and click on our contact us page.

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