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Traditional Roofing

Traditional roofing methods

Traditional roofing can mean many things, but true traditional roofing goes back as far heritage roofing works when only the most basic of tools and practice was common place.

This style of roofing has stood the test of time both proving its resilience to the weather and animals and creatures.

Pride them selfs on practicing and using the traditional methods when using natural products such a slates . Leadwork. clay tiling . Cedar shingles

One of our slate specialists showing his traditional slate dressing skills upon a property currently under restoration.

In the video is our very own Tyson Shelley taking over the slate roofing industry by storm with his skills and love for the works he carries out. We are lucky to be blessed to have him on our team.

This is a traditional method, dressing a slate, the shape that Tyson is dressing is called a fish scale although it looks very easy, we encourage you to try this skill for your self.

With traditional methods comes a large weight upon your shoulder to ensure everything is correct. every slate must be tap tested to ensure sound. all slates to be sorted and arranged by size..

The slates must be fixed with 2 x copper nails per slate.

when the process is complete you will have a beautiful roof with a warranty of 50 years. backed by the company supplying the slate if a TRUSTED INSTALLER

s s roofing specialists have been roofing in Devon for 30 years with a reputation for the best craftsmanship Contact them for all your traditional roofing requirements.

Slate roofing if done correctly can last well over 100 years with very little maintenance,

Its take a special skill to be able to select the right slates and grade them accordingly to give that flawless look across the roof. Thats why we are trusted roofers in Devon and continue to put our name on the map.

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