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Good natural roof slate, The Slate roofing specialists opinion

Good Natural Slate. Roofers Devon:

Slate roofing is a form of art all though in some cases it may look correct in most cases it is far from correct!

As we constantly finding with renewing and removing failing contractors work across Devon with roofs ranging from 5 years old to 15 years old they are missing a very vital key peace of information. slate selection'

Being established for 30 years as Roofers in Devon We have been working with the beautiful natural product for the same amount of time.

The slates have changed some what as quarry's being mined, running out of slate and new slates being mined on a regular bases in different part of the quarry. has a dramatic effect on the appearance of the slates colour and quality.

So what do you need to know about Slates?

Before installing slates onto a roof they must meet the regulations, you must ask your self are they T1 S1 A1?

your probably thinking what the hell does that mean, if its not something you work with, its not something you would know.

Here is a simple chart below explaining what this means.

If the slate you have selected does not meet these checks, put it back on the rack and leave it be.

"You don't want to be taking of the roof again due to bad slate selection, it will cost twice as much to put it right"


Although there are slates with iron pirates that are classed as stable. but there is a risk that they will rust out.

Not a risk we are willing to take, as we want the roof to last 100 years.

Of course they are cheaper slates and the phrase "getting what you pay for" comes apparent when purchasing natural slates.

Our advise to you would be on natural slate selection always check the chart above to ensure the slates are approved for use and are of top quality.

Experience on what slate's are the best is purely down to working with the products for years and years. as some slates are approved but you will find that repairs will be required to fix broken or failing slates.

All slates must fixed with 2 x Copper nails. In our opinion copper nails are the very best! the best slates require the best fixings. don't cut corners on the fixings!!

Being Roofers In Devon we have avoided this problem as we work direct with the reps and working upon heritage roofs we know exactly what to look for in a good natural slate selection.

If you have any question about your natural slate roof please contact us here at S S ROOFING SPECIALISTS

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