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SS Roofing Specialists Offer a Wide Variety of Roofing Services

At SS Roofing Specialists, we offer a range of great roofing services Devon residents may not be aware of. We are specialists in lead work, re-roofing, repairs and emergency repairs, as well as flat roofing and heritage roofing. Often, you would have to seek out separate specialists for a number of these services, but we pride ourselves on our ability to perform all jobs with unparalleled expertise.

Lead work requires an incredible amount of skill and a lot of training. Whilst many people claim to be able to do lead work, a huge amount of experience is necessary to understand how to manipulate the lead properly so that it doesn’t stretch or weaken when being positioned. You might want to consider lead roofing if you have a difficult or oddly shaped area of your roof to cover, because it is an incredibly flexible material, and once set in place, works as one of the best sealants against rainwater and is resistant to many types of corrosion. Lead is also incredibly long lasting and durable, which is why you will often see it on some of the oldest buildings, such churches. If lead is installed correctly, it can last for up to 200 years. It is also eco-friendly; most lead in use now has already been recycled and can be again.

Re-roofing a home can be daunting, but may be necessary due to damage, temperature inefficiency, poor material causing leakage or deterioration. Whilst this may not seem ideal, it shouldn’t be put off, as the problems will only become worse over time. Because it may be a huge undertaking for the homeowner, not to mention challenging and time-consuming, we offer a complete service that takes the process from start to finish. We also make ourselves available for questions or concerns that may arise, so you’re always kept in the loop when it comes to your property. We have years of experience re-roofing, and as such, it is one of our most popular roofing services.

Devon is partial to some exceptional weather, but that doesn’t mean the houses are impervious to damage caused by extreme conditions, or any other reason. Roof repairs are one of our specialities, and the quicker damage to a roof is fixed, the better. Some extreme circumstances may cause the need for emergency roof repairs, which we also cater for. We have a team on hand to answer calls should the worst happen, and emergency repair is necessary. We pride ourselves on a swift response, where we will assess the damage, and decide on the best course of action to get everything working as it should. We are experienced in repairing slates, tiles, chimneys, corrugated sheeting, Velux windows as well as structural damage, and much more.

The biggest advantage of flat roofs is the low cost of installation due to the surface shape being easy to work with. However, a flat roof also presents the opportunity to use the extra surface for certain equipment you may not want inside the building, like air conditioning units. The flat roof could also provide a new space for employees or residents to get some fresh air by constructing a roof garden on it. As long as a flat roof is properly and professionally installed, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to turn it into a fantastic terrace if you desire.

Heritage roofing work is a delicate procedure to which we give all the dedication and craftsmanship it deserves. We pride ourselves on being able to contribute to the upkeep of the historic character of our towns and villages, which we hold as one of our most valuable roofing services. Devon and Somerset have a fantastic amount of historic listed buildings, from churches to country houses, and they deserve only the highest level of professionalism in their maintenance and refurbishment. Expertise and experience should not be overlooked when considering the rejuvenation of these cherished sites.

These are only a few of the specialist services we provide at SS Roofing, and it is worth a thorough look through the website to see how we can best cater to your needs. We provide only the very best roofing services Devon deserves in the upkeep of its unique character.

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