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Looking for a heritage roofer Exeter residents trust? Local roofing specialists SS Roofing share 7 signs your heritage tile roof may need replacing.

6 Signs your heritage tile roof may need replacing

As a heritage roofer in Exeter, we understand some people shy away from maintaining historic buildings, out of fear of sacrificing the heritage features. However, if you’re asking whether your heritage tile/Slate roof needs replacing, you probably already know the answer. Here are some key signs your roof is getting old and in need of a replacement.

1. Missing tiles and slates

There are several reasons your tiles or slate may be coming off, from winds to dry weather. But if this is a common occurrence it means the sheathing and lament underneath your tiles may be weakening.

2. Ageing roof flashing

Roof flashing is used on the joints of roofs and is normally made of metal. Watch out for corrosion, rusting or parts of the flashing breaking away.

3. Build up in the gutters

Is there a large amount of debris in your gutters? This could be a sign that materials are break-ing off your roof and blocking the gutters.

4. Moisture inside your home

Inspect your ceiling for spots of water and check for signs of damp in your attic. If you do have moisture in your home, your roof is in need of emergency attention.

5. Uneven tiles or slates or obvious signs of poorly patched-up jobs

Any heritage roofer knows Exeter and surrounding areas have a wealth of heritage buildings. We strive to protect this history by preserving heritage roofs with professionalism. Poorly in-stalled roofs will not function as they should, and are best replaced completely.

6. Light entering through a roof cavity or attic space.

On a sunny day, explore your attic for light. Any light entering the roof is a sure sign your roof is damaged and requires immediate attention.

When replacing a heritage tile roof, be sure to reach out to a roofing specialist with experience working with heritage buildings. At SS Roofing, we take great pride in our heritage work and fo-cus on preserving the historic character of our local area. If you are looking for a heritage roofer Exeter residents trust, we would be happy to help.

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