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Natural or man made roofing slates

Highly asked question in regards to roofing in Exeter

Do i choose man made or Natural slates for my roof.

1: Natural vs Man made

Natural slates appeal to some but not everyone Natural slates are slightly more expensive but in the word of roofing you get exactly what you pay for.

2: Life expectancy:

Natural slates can carry on for a hundred years and more, it all depend on the contractor that is laying them. if they are installed incorrectly and you choose the wrong Natural slate you might be lucky to reach 10-20 years but when dealing with a roofing specialist such as S S Roofing specialists Roofers in Exeter

you can be sure that they only use the best products that have been tested and proven the test of time.

Man made slates have been know to last up to 60 years but this is when they where known as the dreaded asbestos age!

Thank fully the new range are made from cement fibre. and you can see them last 40 years and beyond. Keeping you home dry and protected for a long time.

3: Speed of application:

Its a close race of application of the Natural vs man made slates. due to the variation of sizes in man made slates.

They come in sizes of 300x 600 - 250x500- "600-600 double for verges, chimney etc"

where as the Natural slates come in 250-500 - "375-500 slate&half for verges chimney etc.

but if you where to match the size of slates against each other, "Natural slates win"

4: Important

If your property already has Man made slates upon it and your thinking of going natural it will be best to have an inspection to insure your roofing structure can take the extra weight of the natural slates.

But if you have natural slats upon your roof and wont to change to man made, it wont be as much as a problem due being a lighter product

If you have any concerns in regards to Natural or Man made slates contact S S Roofing Specialists

Roofers in Exeter

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