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Need A New Roof? Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Consider A Flat Roof

April 25, 2017


Tyson Shelley

Need A New Roof? Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Consider A Flat Roof

Looking for the kind of roofing services Exeter property owners can rely on? Then you’re in the right place! We use our blog to offer trusted advice to Exeter locals on all their roofing needs. This month, we’ll be talking about why a flat roof could be a great option for you.

Despite common misconceptions, flat roofs are a sustainable, affordable and efficient option for many properties.The name flat roof is actually a bit of a misnomer, which can occasionally put people off. In fact, all flat roofs are slightly pitched to allow rainwater to drain off the waterproof surface. And, provided your roof is properly insulated, flat roofs offer many benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of flat roofs.

1. Affordable

Firstly they are affordable. From the initial installation and materials to maintenance work, flat roofs are a very cheap option. The construction time is also much shorter for flat roofs, due to there being fewer materials and technical processes involved. So if you need a new roof and fast, a flat roof could save the day.

2. Less chance of damage

With a flat roof, you will get less wind damage. Whilst a pitched roof might lose tiles or suffer shingle damage after stormy conditions, you won’t have to worry about parts falling off your flat roof. Of course, if you do suffer any roof damage due to extreme weather conditions and need someone to carry out particular roofing services, Exeter Devon residents will be happy to hear that SS Roofing can carry out swift and professional repairs.

3. More accessible

Flat roofs are also much more accessible than conventional roofs. This makes things like cleaning your gutters, roof repairs, maintenance and the installation of satellite dishes much easier and cheaper.

4. Potential

Flat roofs are also a lot more space efficient. Whether you are dreaming of a roof terrace or a roomy loft conversion, a flat roof allows you to make the most of your property. Indeed, when it comes to flat roofs, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to plant a rooftop garden or install solar panels, a flat roof is ideal for any DIY enthusiasts looking to improve their home.

5. Choice

There are also options when it comes to the roof installation; you can opt for a warm flat roof or a cold flat roof. For most British climates, a warm roof is recommended as high quality insulation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable, affordable and sustainable home. If you have any questions or queries about flat roofing Exeter SS Roofing Specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

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