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How to manually unblock a Gutter

How To Manually Unblock A Gutter

Many people forget to check the state of their gutter. We advise you unblock yours twice a year, as tackling this job more regularly will reduce your workload and make the task much less daunting. As roofing specialists for the South West, we have done enough gutter cleaning in Devon to know that sorting your gutter out before it gets too blocked can actually reduce the risk of damage to your home, too. Excess debris can pull gutters loose and pools of water can cause rotting and rust.

With any DIY task, safety is always paramount. If you want to manually unblock your gutter, ensure you have a sturdy ladder (ideally aluminium) and someone to hold it securely in place whilst you climb up it. Avoid working nearby any electrical wires (particularly damaged ones) and opt for wearing rubber shoes as an extra precaution. You will also need a pair of gloves (or a rake if you prefer) and a plastic bag or bucket to collect the debris.

When it comes to the job itself, the process is very straightforward. Simply scoop the debris from your gutter using either your hands (wearing gloves) or your rake, being sure to move everything away from any downpipes to avoid inadvertently blocking them. For your safety, do not reach further than an arm’s length away when shifting the debris. To reach all areas of your gutter, you should climb down from the ladder and move it gradually around your house.

When you have removed most of the debris, fill your bucket with water and pour it into your gutter. This task has two functions; firstly, it cleans out the last bits of dirt and secondly, it highlights any holes in your guttering. As you pour the water, check that it is draining as it should. If you do notice any cracks or holes, contact your local roofing specialist. A leaking gutter is what leads to saturated walls, which, if left unchecked, can cause water damage inside your home.

If your gutter debris has got out of hand or you simply don’t have time to unblock it yourself, consider hiring a professional. We have been supplying top quality gutter cleaning in Devon for over 28 years, providing clients with quality service and peace of mind. If you need your gutter cleaning, Devon roofing specialists, SS Roofing, are more than happy to help.

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