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Could Any Of This Wildlife Be Endangering Your Roof?

Could Any Of This Wildlife Be Endangering Your Roof?

Having a garden full of wildlife can be lovely and it’s often the case for those of us living in Devon! However, when it comes to your roof, it's quite a different story. As dedicated local roofing contractors, Taunton and Exeter homeowners and the state of their roofs are important to us. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the wildlife that could be affecting your roof.


Large trees that are next to your house can be a worry for a few reasons. Low hanging or falling branches can misplace roof tiles and cause damage to guttering. Even falling leaves can clog up your gutter, leading to drainage issues. If you want to avoid having to pay out for repair jobs by roofing contractors, Taunton and Exeter homeowners should clean their gutters regularly. If a tree beside your house is becoming a significant problem, look into options for getting it removed.


This innocent-seeming weed can quickly grow and spread to become a significant problem for your roof. If it’s growing in your gutters it can make your guttering ineffective, which may lead to drainage problems. Equally, moss on roof tiles, framing, or sheathings can cause mould and decay if left untreated. One of our jobs as roofing contractors in Taunton and Exeter is, quite simply, inspecting roofs and preventing problems like this from escalating. Algae When it comes to


the problem is more aesthetic than anything else. While it doesn’t cause much trouble for us as roofing contractors, Taunton and Exeter residents can find the dark stains of algae unsightly. If you want an algae-free roof, you can get algae resistant shingles or simply use a chemical cleaner to remove the algae when it occurs.

Birds nesting

Birds very rarely cause harm to roofs themselves. More commonly, they take advantage of damage that has already occurred by nesting in broken sections of roofs. This can lead to soiling and breakages inside of attics. Chimneys can also be a popular haunt for birds so be sure to check your chimney regularly if you have one. If this is becoming a persistent problem, we advise you look into getting a chimney cap fitted.

If you’re concerned about any of these plants or animals causing damage to your roof, contact us today. We will be more than happy to help!

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