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Exeter locals are unhappy about building plans in Exminster

Exeter locals are unhappy about building plans in Exminster keyword: Exeter news

As trusted South West roofers, it's important that we stay informed with Exeter news stories relevant to our industry. Last month, a huge property decision was made, causing concerns for many Exeter locals. An extensive homes plan is going ahead near the Devon Hotel, occupying 90 hectares of land between Alphington Village and Exminster.

After a meeting in Newton Abbot on 16th of January, Teignbridge planners have been given the goahead to develop around 1,500 homes, a small GP surgery and a community hub. Bovis Homes have received a resolution to grant for 1,350 new homes to help meet housing demands in and around Exeter. Land has also been earmarked for an all-through school for primary and secondary pupils, to tackle overcrowding at Exminster Primary School.

In Exeter news of the Exminster building plans has not been well received, with a petition against the scheme gathering 500 signatures. Locals are concerned about a variety of issues. Some worry that the installation of more traffic lights between Alphington Village and Exminster will worsen the long queues of traffic in Chudleigh and Dawlish Roads during rush hour. Others are upset about the price of the new builds. Despite Exeter City Council’s aims for affordability, the housing developments are 30 percent below the affordable homes target.

Exeter’s Conservation Officer previously stated that an increased in traffic would cause damage to residents’ buildings, causing Exeter residents to argue for the halting of developments. There are also worries about potential air pollution around Church Road, which is an Exeter City Council Conservation Area. Alphington Village Forum was quoted in the Exeter Express and Echo, stating “nobody seems to care about that or the discomfort and health of the residents”.

The decision to earmark land for a new school has also caused controversy, due to fears that Bovis Homes won’t commit to building the school. This prompted much debate at the January meeting. Exeter City Councillor Bob Foale, for Alphington and former head of Exminster Primary, states that the new school is necessary. He claimed that when he started his headteacher job the school had only 80 students, but has since risen to 350. He also added that Exminster and Alphington GP’s are oversubscribed.

Despite various objections to this news Exeter will see the plans go ahead. A Bovis Homes representative claims that they wish to work closely with the local Exeter community throughout the process of delivering the new homes and infrastructure.

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