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Historic Listed Buildings

As Devon roofers we’ve worked on a wealth of historic listed buildings here in the South West, and therefore acknowledge the importance of restoring buildings from our past. However, we equally believe in looking towards the future, when it comes to the construction industry.

Having worked in Devon as roofers for so many years, we understand that historically the industry has had a relatively negative impact on the environment, due to high energy consumption, use of natural resources, pollution and waste. It is clear that industry practices need to change, by using more reclaimed materials.

As lead Specialists, we work with the material a great deal. For any lead roofer Devon is the ideal place to work, due to the number of beautiful properties that feature lead. We have done work on various church roofs, dormer windows, domes, lead gully's, lead gutters, chimneys, flashings, bay windows and decorative pieces, using traditional lead craftsmanship. As well as being traditional, our lead work is also eco-friendly. Along with over 50% of the world, our lead is derived from recycled material.

Lead is extremely easy to repurpose. Once the old lead has outlasted its lifespan it can then be recycled and made back into lead, ready to be used again. This is done by remelting the old lead in order to remove impurities. The final product (known as secondary lead) is indistinguishable from primary lead produced straight from the ore. Indeed, lead can be remelted multiple times without its quality and functionality being affected. If installed correctly, it can last up to 200 years! We’re happy to say this makes it one of the most eco-friendly products on the market.

Other common reclaimed materials we come across as Devon roofers include, slate and clay tiles and rubber. Shingles are a particularly popular resource, which can be simply made from recycled plastic, rubber, or wood fibre. We use cedar shingles for our Devon roofer projects, as it’s a renewable resource. It’s the ideal roofing material for an eco-friendly house build.

At SS Roofing, we also aim to make Devon homes more sustainable by providing roof insulation. Energy usage in homes has soared over the last 10 years, but loft insulation is a relatively cheap and highly energy efficient measure. If you’re unsure as to whether your insulation needs topping up, you can find out here, with the help of our handy table.

The construction industry is definitely moving towards sustainability, but it is crucial that we all start to rethink how we perceive “waste”. At SS Roofing, we strive to be exemplary in Devon as roofers the community can rely on to provide high-quality roofs that are eco friendly and sustainable too. If you have any questions about lead or any other reclaimed materials, please feel free to get in touch!

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