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As dedicated Wellington roofers we believe it is important that we engage with property developments in our local area. Recently a controversy has arisen over a proposed development for 171 new homes, due to local residents’ concerns that it could worsen traffic problems in and around the area. 171 new homes have been proposed to be built on the site of the former Orleton Park and County Infants Schools. However those living nearby know all too well that it is already a busy area, very prone to congestion. Many people already say that the site needs another entrance other than the one on to Orleton Lane, which is used as an access onto the M54. Local resident Bill Higgins has been gathering signatures for almost 12 months to get improvement work done on the neighbouring Hollies Road. So far 200 people have signed his petition. He says the new development of homes will only increase problems. Speaking to the Shropshire Star he said: "I've looked at the plans and I think it is just too big. If each home has two cars it is more than 300 extra cars.” He went on to say “It is absolute chaos on the roads around there and I think this development needs to be drastically reduced. We need another entrance, maybe onto Wrockwardine Road which will help ease the traffic issues.” The property development in question was proposed by Lovell Homes, based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, and includes 171 homes, along with associated parking, highways works, a changing room facility for football pitches, foul water pumping station and a storm water balancing pond. Lovell Homes submitted the initial planning layout back in 2009 for 165 properties, before it was increased to 171. The proposal was submitted to Telford & Wrekin Council this September and the planning application is currently in the consideration stage. Although the online planning application has received objections, others have commended the plans for new builds. For example Mr Brian Shankey commented “This development is long overdue. Let’s get them built and breath some new life into that part of Wellington. It has been sad to see that part of Wellington, appear to be abandoned since the schools closed in 2008. Good to see the provision for recreational space on the plans.” Indeed the plans for the new houses may not be a negative change, despite understandable concerns. For example, the extra pressure these new properties will put on the roads may finally trigger the improvement work on roads to go ahead. New residents will also bring more business and community to Wellington. A new bigger Aldi for Wellington is currently under development, which will not only create ten new jobs to be filled, but will also serve Wellington’s increasing population. In the past, Lovell homes have worked with local construction businesses when building new properties and other major housing schemes in other areas of the UK. So the 117 new homes proposed for Wellington may be good news for any Wellington roofer, builder or electrician interested in working on the new builds. From the perspective of a roofer in Wellington, the town is home to a number of wonderful varied properties, from heritage properties featuring leadwork to contemporary four bedroom homes. Provided the new homes are high quality, desirable and don’t suffer from any common new build flaws or "snags", such as broken roof tiles, the new properties will hopefully fit into Wellington nicely, bringing new business, community and life to our Shropshire town. If you are living in a new build and would like an inspection from a Wellington roofer, please feel free to contact us

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