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Checking your attic

SS Roofing – What to do with if you have a leaky roof If it is raining in your attic as well as your garden, you most definitely have a leaky roof. Or if you have noticed dark spots or bulges on your ceiling this is also a sign that you have a leak. Discovering a roof leak can be stressful. However there are just a few simple steps you can take in order to minimise damage and get the repairs done as soon as possible. If you are able to locate the specific place in your ceiling where water is coming through, take steps to prevent water damage. Placing a bucket or bowl underneath the leak is an obvious yet effective way to reduce further damage to your home by protecting your carpet or flooring from the water. If the water is splashing out of the bucket, cover the surrounding area in a waterproof sheet. Also move any furniture or valuable possessions away from the site of the drip. If you are worried about interior water damage, consider contacting your insurance company to ask if they cover damage caused by roof leaks. Next, you should seek professional help from accredited roof specialists as soon as possible, calling a 24 hour emergency number if necessary. Even minor roof leaks can cause severe damage if left unchecked. The damp can cause mould, framing and sheathing may rot and pools of water can completely destroy insulation and ceilings. If a leak is causing damage to your home it is considered an emergency. Although it may be tempting to try to repair the roof by yourself, it is not a simple DIY task and you would be likely to exacerbate the problem, with expensive consequences. Luckily, for those living in Wellington roof repairs can be quickly carried out by SS Roofing. You do not need to worry about identifying the source of the leak yourself either, as your roofing specialist will do this for you, by inspecting both the interior and exterior of your roof. There is also no need to worry if you think you have an unusual roof. Whether your Wellington roof repair job is on a cottage with a traditional roof in rural Wellington, or you own a refurbished house with a modern roof on the outskirts of Exeter, a professional roofing specialist will be able to identify and fix the leak in any type of roof. The only thing you should bear in mind is that there are various causes for roof leaks all of which require different repairs. To avoid any surprises ensure that you ask for a quote, so that you have an idea of how much your roof repairs will cost. After the roof repairs are complete, the only thing left for you to do is prepare for the future. Ask your Wellington roof repair specialist about steps you can take to maintain your roof. They may advise that you invest in re-roofing, new guttering or ridges. Taking steps to maintain your roof will extend its service life and minimise the amount of roof repairs required in the future. Find out more about Wellington’s trusted independent roofing specialists.

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