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Prepare your roof for the winter

Title: How to prepare your roof for the winter months. Topic Outline: Gutter clearing etc, securing tiles Blog: With winter fast approaching, now’s the time to ensure that your house is ready to brace the colder months. As your roof endures some of the toughest impacts of the different climates throughout the year, it is important to prioritize its maintenance. Ideally you should aim to have your roof checked on a semi-regular basis, to prevent any minor roof problems becoming major ones. To help you get your roof in tip-top condition for the winter months, we’ve compiled an easy guide on how to approach your preparations. WHO? While you may be able to spot the obvious issues with your roof, it often takes a trained eye to spot those not-so-obvious but equally important faults. Hiring a professional will also give you the peace of mind that a comprehensive check on your roof and any necessary repairs are identified. WHAT? Now’s the perfect time to make any repairs to your roof whilst the weather is mild. If you’ve noticed any leaks, which often come from your roof, chimney or skylight, it is important to have them looked at immediately. There’s nothing worse than a cold, damp house in the middle of winter! With England’s wet weather climate, it’s particularly important to ensure that there is proper drainage on your roof. Water gutters can easily become clogged and can lead to serious consequences for your homes structure. Having a professional clean out and look over your gutters is an easy and effective solution to your problem. Especially as gutters can show signs of wear and tear on the house, a professional will be able to effectively identify any potential problems such as roof tiles requiring replacement. Other common issue to look out for in roofing are unsecured tiles and sagging roofs. Checking your roof from the inside of the house is also a good idea, as it can often show sagging areas, water damage, leaks and rot. If you find drips or dark spots on your ceiling, these can often be signs of a roof leak. The sooner these issues are identified, the better. WHY? Winter is one of the harshest seasons your house must endure. Rain, snow and high winds all bring multiple stressors to any roof system. Depending on the quality of the roofing installed and the age of the roof, can both dramatically affect the durability of it. Just because your roof appears to be problem-free, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be checked. Hiring a professional to sort out any potential problems now means that you won’t be caught out in the cold during winter. Contact our team today to get your roof ready for winter.

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