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SS Roofing – July – How to Maintain your Conservatory

SS Roofing – July – How to Maintain your Conservatory

It has been long awaited, and many people thought it may never come, but finally the summer of 2016 has arrived here in the UK! We have been experiencing some glorious weather, with the sun shining down across the country in the form of heatwaves.

However, in typical British fashion the heat is proving too much for some. We have been complaining about the rain, and now, of course, we are complaining it is too hot.

This is when conservatory’s really do prove their worth. There is no better time to use your conservatory than in the summer when it is too hot to sit sweltering outside, but you want to make the most of the sunshine during the day and long summer evenings. However conservatory’s need a lot of maintenance and upkeep to keep them in good condition. As they are primarily constructed of glass, keeping them clean is essential.

So here at SS Roofing we thought we would give you some tips on how to keep your conservatory pristine this summer, and how you can maintain its quality and value all year long.

1) Condensation

Damp and cold environments cause condensation, and this can further cause more dampening and damage to internal structures. Low u-valued sealed units provide the best insulating properties, so make sure your conservatory has high quality glazing specification. This will help maintain constant temperature and moisture levels in your conservatory.

A good primary heat source is also vital in maintaining moisture levels that resemble that of your home.

2) Window Cleaning

Make sure that you thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your conservatory on a regular basis. The inside needs cleaning more frequently than the outside, as dust and dirt can collect easily and is more apparent in a conservatory because of their transparent nature. Regular cleaning also helps to prevent staining which can decrease the value of your conservatory and subsequently your home.

3) Gutter Cleaning

The high annual rainfall in the UK results in increased debris, which means that UK homes are victim to frequently blocked gutters. It is important to stay on top of this to avoid damage and breakage to your gutter systems. You can contact professionals to help clear out your gutters, but often it is easy to do yourself by removing debris and hosing them down with water.

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