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Birds Nesting

Here in the South West we have been experiencing some glorious weather over the past couple of months, with sunshine and temperatures that are warmer than your average summer’s day. And since we have been blessed with this wonderful weather, you may be thanking the skies that we are past our days of rain and snow, and that your roofs are finally safe and no longer under threat from natural elements.

Here at SS Roofing, we don’t want to be the bearers of bad news. However we feel it is our duty to warn you that for us, the summer means one thing – and that is infestations.

This mostly applies to those of you who live in more rural areas of the country, as you are more susceptible to birds nesting in your houses. However wherever you live, it is best to give your roofs a check and make sure that you don’t have any unwelcome guests living above your heads.

Here are some of the things to look out for if you think your building’s structure may have, or be susceptible to, a bird infestation:

• Pigeons and seagulls (both common to the Devon area) use seemingly hostile areas of tall buildings and flat roofs to nest.

• Flat roofs are a particular favourite for birds.

• Balconies, ledges, chimneys, guttering and culverts are favourite areas for birds to nest in.

• If you have any gap larger than 25mm in your building, this is enough of a space for a potential entry point for birds.

• Birds prefer roof spaces to roost in, because of the shelter, and can even shift loose or damaged tiles to get in and nest.

Although it may not be your fault that you have an infestation, it is your responsibility to deal with it before further damage can be caused to your home as a result of these unwanted guests.

For any advice or help, please do not hesitate to call us here at SS Roofing, and our expert roofers can give you some quality and reliable advice for any roofing problems you may be experiencing.

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