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Should i Re-tile my own roof

Should I retile my own roof?

Spring is here, and with spring often comes a desire to clean out our houses and make changes. With the weather beginning to improve (albeit very slowly!), perhaps some will be looking to take advantage and reinvigorate an ailing roof. Although it is doable to embark on a retiling mission without professional help, it certainly won’t be as easy.

Even if you do endeavour to tackle this task without contracting an expert, you will undeniably need at least one extra pair of hands. Taking out the old roof will require time and effort, and many hands will make this lighter work. Stripping the roof will be more manageable if you tackle one side at a time. When a side is clear, then you will have to de-nail and dispose of any more waste.

Once this is taken care of, you’re ready to start on your new roof! First of all you’ll need to set up a scaffold, and then you’ll require all of your equipment up there with you. Roll the first length of felt into the gutter, and then felt from right to left. You’ll need to get a nail down in the top right corner and then roll halfway. Make sure the felt is pulled tight and then double-nail the top and bottom. Once this is done, repeat!

The next task is to determine your even equal gauge based on your first batten. When you have got your gauge you can hit one/miss one to get that roof watertight as quickly as possible. When the felt is on, the hard part is done and your house will be protected from those pesky British summers. Tiling can then be undertaken at a steadier pace, a pace that you’re comfortable with.

Of course, this is only a very rough explanation; if you do choose to undertake this task without professional consultation, then it is highly advisable to do more research yourself. While it’s good to save money where possible, there are some jobs that you don’t want to leave to chance.

Retiling your roof will be far less stressful with professional expertise, and far safer.

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