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Flat Roofs

Effects of Rain on Your Flat Roof

After a particularly mild November and December, the cold weather has finally hit us down in the Southwest, especially the rain. It seems like it hasn’t stopped raining for the last few weeks, and no doubt you’re wondering what all the water is doing to your flat roof. Here are a few things to watch out for during the rainy season.

Flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to bad weather "if your flat roof is not installed correctly and is holding water, Meaning there is no direction for the rain water to run off the flat roof, the water can collect and put pressure onto the roof.

WITH STANDING WATER ON A FLAT ROOF FOR A CONSTANT PERIOD, IT WILL START TO WASH THE ESSENTIAL OILS FROM THE FLAT ROOFING PRODUCT THAT IS LAID ON THE ROOF, CAUSING CRACKS TO FORM LEADING TO A SMALL BUT CONSTANT AMOUNT OF WATER TO SEAP INTO THE FLAT ROOF BOARDS AND CROSS BEAMS. This pressure could cause your roof to bow in shape, and this can then cause more and more water to collect in this area where the roof dips. This can cause further problems and damage if the problem is ignored:"Flat roofs:


1) Freeze Thaw – The cold weather we are experiencing at the moment can cause this water to freeze, and as it freezes, the water will expand. The repetition of expanding water that freezes and then melts can cause faults in your roof, and can expand any existing cracks.

2) Leaks – Any cracks and faults present in your roof are more likely to give way under the pressure of rain that collects on your roof. Not only are leaks difficult and a short term solution to fix, but they can cause unseen problems in the ceilings such as electrical problems, mould build up, rot, Damp

and eventually leading to a collapsed ceiling.

A way to avoid these problems is converting to a pitched roof with a gradient, even a very low gradient can help assist rainfall run-off so that less water collects, thus preventing any further damage to your property.

For any further advice, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us here at SS Roofing, where we can give you the best advice on how to avoid roof damage down in the Devon and somerset area.

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