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Residential roofing do's & don'ts

The do's & don'ts in the world of residential roofing works explained by roofers devon

* Don't get talked into something you don't want to do

*Don't get sold a new roof if you don't want it

*Don't let a door knocking sales man into your home

*Avoid sales man/woman, they have been labeled sales man/women for a reason

*Do contact and arrange to meet with a company you like the sound of

*Do ask for a reference or previous work recently completed

*Do ask to see there previous work if you get a friendly response you know that he is proud of what they do

*Do seek out a passionate person that also works upon the tools every day "not just a office man/woman"

*Do ask the awkward questions & see what response you will get " Are they friendly all the time or just when it suits them"

They is a a huge amount of reasons regarding do's & Don'ts! The true fact what it all comes down too is there quality of work and who they are as a person. passionate people produce the best work on the planet.

Because they love getting up in the morning and jumping straight to what they are doing - Wind - Rain - Shine a smile will be on there face.

The aim to please is not something that can't be taught, it is in your DNA or it is isn't The same applies for passion!

So where do you go with this information? Well that is up to you, As the person writing this blog is passionate about what they do, The reason for the blog is to get the word out about the what we do and why we do it.

s s roofing specialists have been running for 30 years with that same contagious smile upon there faces a true family run company based upon craftsmanship & passion

We have been roofers in devon for 30 years with the next line of generations coming through, learning and perfecting there way of doing things.

Tyson shelley has been making a huge splash with his exceptional works , carrying out iconic roofing works. Also his videos upon youtube have be gaining an audience from all over the world. or follow him on facebook.

We would also recommend in doing your very own research look at photos recommendations

try and get as much information as possible upon roofing works, that way if a contractor is not doing it a certain way you can ask why.

We believe the proof is in the pudding, take a look through our photos and video above of some of the works we carry out.

We can be contacted via any of the links below or simply contact us

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