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Knowing when it's time to replace your roof

Knowing When It's Time to Replace Your Roof

We at SS Roofing are some of the best roofers Devon has to offer, but even we can’t fix everything; whilst replacing a roof may seem like a daunting prospect, there comes a point in a roof’s condition where replacement is actually the more economical option, rather than forking out for continual costly repairs. Here are a few signs that you might be due for an upgrade on your roof.

Moisture – Moisture can appear in a few forms, both on the interior and exterior of the property. Moisture damage can lead to rot that causes structural damage, so spotting it early is essential. On the interior of the property, look for watermarks, dark streaks and damp. These may not always be roof-related problems, but if you spot any, check the exterior of the roof afterwards. On the exterior of the property, mould tends to appear on the areas of the roof that receives the least sunlight, such as areas that are usually in the shade from other buildings or trees. Mould and moss growth can create separations between tiles or shingles that allow water to get in through the roof. Water pooling on flat roofs also indicates inadequate drainage, which needs to be addressed.

Leaking – If you notice water entering the property through the chimney, the roof may need replacing. Check the flashing around the chimney for signs of curling and separation from the roofing material, as the caulking material may have dried out, and water entering the property from the chimney could lead to structural rot damage which is both very dangerous and costly, but this may be avoided if caught early enough and inspected by qualified roofers. Devon gets some fantastic weather, but it’s still in England, so we’re no strangers to rain!

Missing Tiles – Missing tiles or shingles can be an indication that is time for a new roof, and any tiles that are cracked, warped, or loose will need replacing. Whilst one or two may be replaced, and not indicative of severe roof damage, multiple missing tiles suggest there is an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Tiled or Shingled roofs without full coverage have very little protection against the elements and could be susceptible to collapse.

Light – Roofs should be completely impenetrable to light, so if you notice that any light is coming through your roof, it will need repairing at the least, because holes or cracks have appeared, even if they are not obvious from the outside of the property. The best way to check this is with the interior lights off and any curtains or shutters closed, whilst it is still reasonably bright outside.

Sagging – Your roof should be level, and any sagging or warping indicates structural damage, which must be attended to as soon as possible. Sagging is often caused by inadequate drainage that exposes areas of the roof to excessive moisture and sitting water. If this is detected early, the roof may be able to be repaired and a better drainage system installed, but if the roof is made from materials that are not fit for purpose, the problem will only recur, and should be replaced by dedicated, professional roofers Devon gets its fair share of bright weather, which is good because all these checks are best conducted in clear daylight to get an accurate reading of the roof’s condition. If in doubt, it is always best to get a roofing contractor to come and inspect your roof before you book any repair work; what you may perceive as a cause for replacement may only need a much simpler repair, or vice-versa.

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